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Call for software, documents, and movies for ICMS 2010 DVD's

We are going to publish ICMS 2010 DVD's which contain software, documents and short movies on mathematical software systems. Our set of DVD's consists of (1) a live DVD based on the Knoppix/Math and (2) DVD's which contain software packages (for Windows/Mac/Unix), documents and short movies. We will provide a folder in (2) to each project. We intend that the set of our DVD's is a snapshot of mathematical software in 2010. We have already started to edit these DVD's for some free software systems and free documents. We are happy with including projects related to the registered participants of ICMS 2010. If you are interested in including your project in the DVD's, please send a mail to
with instructions how to include your project to the DVD's.

The editor for the DVD (1) is Tatsuyoshi Hamada and the editors for the DVD's (2) are Tatsuyoshi Hamada, Masayuki Noro and Nobuki Takayama.


We will distribute these DVD's without fee at ICMS2010 at Kobe and at the exhibition booth "mathsoftware.org" of ICM 2010 at Hyderabad.

Important dates

July 12: deadline.
July 26: master DVD will be sent for a press.