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Session title

Exact numeric computation for algebraic and geometric computation


Chee Yap
Michael Sagraloff
Monique Teillaud


exact numerical computation, exact geometric computation, robust geometic computation, symbolic numeric computation, zero problem


This session addresses software and algorithmic development of exact/verifiable numerical approaches to problems in computational science and engineering. The following is a non-exclusive list of topics:
    --Numeric-symbolic software
    --Exact geometric and topological computation
    --Subdivision algorithms
    --Robust numerical software
    --Verifiable optimization software
    --Theorem proving with interval methods
    --Higher order accuracy methods in boundary value problems
    --Numerical approaches to singularities
    --Molecular simulation with error bounds
    --Robotics applications with certification
    --Geometric modeling (robust surface intersection, etc)
    --Perturbation techniques and implementations
Feel free to contact the organizers if you are interested.