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Session title

Software for optimization and polyhedral computation


Komei Fukuda (EPF Lausanne/ETH Zurich)
Michael Joswig (TU Darmstadt)
Achill Schuermann (TU Delft)


linear and combinatorial optimization, non-linear and convex optimization, lattice points in polytopes, polyhedral computation, Voronoi and Delone diagrams/tesselations


In this session, we focus on mathematical software (standalone codes, libraries, languages, computing environments, add-ons for larger systems, etc.) for optimization and polyhedral computation. We are also interested in applications of such software packages to other areas such as algebra, geometry, topology, statics, control theory, game theory, logic, computational biology. Specific topics include:

1. Software for linear, combinatorial and non-linear optimization.
2. Software for polyhedral computation (convex hull, triangulations, Voronoi diagrams, etc).
3. Integration of optimization/polyhedral software into larger software systems.
4. Applications of optimization/polyhedral software.
5. Algebraic techniques for optimization/polyhedral software.
6. Mathematical proofs using optimization/polyhedral software.

All forms of software are welcome, but open source software is preferred.