Volume 9 (1966)


1-3 (December)

Yosida, K.;
Masuo Hukuhara
pp. ii--iii.
Yosida, K.;
M. Hukuhara
pp. iv--v.
Yosida, K.;
Mitio Nagumo
pp. vi.
Yosida, K.;
M. Nagumo
pp. vii--viii.
Yosida, K.;
Works of Professor Masuo Hukuhara
pp. ix--xvii.
Nishimoto, T. and Okubo, K.;
Works of Professor Mitio Nagumo
pp. xviii--xxii.
Ako, K.;
A New Construction of Barrier Functions
pp. 1--7.
Yoshizawa, T. and Kato, J.;
Linear System and Its Perturbed System
pp. 9--15.
Peyovitch, T.;
Existence des Solutions Asymptotiques d'un Systeme d'Equations Differentielles
pp. 17--21.
Conti, R.;
On the Boundedness of Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 23--26.
Mitropolcskii, Ju. A.;
The Method of Accelerated Convergence in Problems of Non-Linear Mechanics (Russian)
pp. 27--42.
Urabe, M.;
An Existence Theorem for Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems
pp. 43--60.
Yosida, S.;
Boundary Value Problem with Hukuhara's Data for Parabolic Systems
pp. 61--69.
Sibuya, Y. and Takahasi, K.;
On the Differential Equation $(x+\epsilon u)du/dx+q(x)u-r(x)=0$
pp. 71--81.
Wasow, W.;
On the Analytic Validity of Formal Simplifications of Linear Differential Equations, I
pp. 83--91.
Sato, T.;
Sur l'Entropie et Quelques Equations Fonctionnelles
pp. 93--97.
Kumano-go, H.;
On Propagation of Analyticity in Space-Variables for the Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
pp. 99--110.
Harris, Jr., William A.;
Analytic Canonical Forms for Nonlinear Difference Equations
pp. 111--117.
Corduneanu, C.;
Sur Certaines Equations Fonctionnelles de Volterra
pp. 119--127.
Kusano, T.;
Periodic Solutions of the First Boundary Problem for Quasilinear Parabolic Equations of Second Order
pp. 129--137.
Aizawa, S. and Kikuchi, N.;
A Mixed Initial and Boundary-Value Problem for the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation in Several Space Variables
pp. 139--150.
Murakami, H.;
On Non-Linear Ordinary and Evolution Equations
pp. 151--162.
Tanabe, H. and Watanabe, M.;
Note on Perturbation and Degeneration of Abstract Differential Equations in Banach Space
pp. 163--170.
Ura, T.;
Sur le Courant Exterieur a une Region Invariante
pp. 171--179.
Hirasawa, Y.;
On an Estimate for a Quasi-Linear Elliptic Differential Equation
pp. 181--197.
Saito, T.;
On an Isolated Singular Point of a Non-Autonomous Periodic System
pp. 199--206.
Russell, D. L. and Sibuya, Y.;
The Problem of Singular Perturbations of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations at Regular Singular Points, I
pp. 207--218.
Yamanaka, T.;
On the Uniqueness of Solutions of the Cauchy Problem for Systems of Linear Partial Differential Equations with Polynomial Coefficients
pp. 219--249.
Kimura, T.;
On Conditions for an Ordinary Differential Equation of the First Order to be Reducible to a Riccati Equation by a Rational Transformation
pp. 251--259.
Turrittin, H. L.;
Stokes Multipliers for the Differential Equation $\frac{d^ny}{dx^n}-\frac{y}{x}=0$
pp. 261--272.
Iwano, M.;
Convergent Solution of Ordinary Nonlinear Differential Equations
pp. 273--285.
Wazewski, T.;
Remarque sur un Cas Particulier de la Methode de Runge et Kutta
pp. 287--290.
Nishimoto, T. and Okubo, K.;
A Connection Problem for a Non-Homogeneous System of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 291--298.
Matuda, T.;
Sur la Direction de Julia au Point Singulier Fixe d'une Equation Differentielle Ordinaire du Premier Ordre
pp. 299--303.
Uno, T. and Hong, I.;
Some Considerations of Electric Screening in the Mathmatical Point of View
pp. 305--312.
Komura, Y.;
Die Nuklearitat der Losungsraume der Hypoelliptischen Gleichungen
pp. 313--324.
Cesari, L.;
Smoothness Properties of Periodic Solutions in the Large of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Differential Systems
pp. 325--338.

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