Volume 13 (1970-1971)


1 (June), 2 (October), 3 (February)

Stenger, Frank;
On the Asymptotic Solution of Two First Order Linear Differential Equations with Large Parameter
pp. 1--18.
Yorke, J. A.;
A Continuous Differential Equation in Hilbert Space without Existence
pp. 19--21.
Kimura, I.;
Isomorphism of Local Dynamical Systems and Separation Axioms for Phase Spaces
pp. 23--34.
Chabrowski, J.;
Proprietes Asymptotiques d'une Mesure Associee a l'Equation Differentielle aux Derivees Partielles du Type Parabolique
pp. 35--43.
Kusano, T.;
On the Growth of Solutions of Parabolic Differential Inequalities with Unbounded Coefficients
pp. 45--50.
Sibuya, Y.;
On Algebraic Differential Equations
pp. 51--59.

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