Volume 18 (1975)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Salzberg, P. M. and Seibert, P.;
Remarks on a Universal Criterion for Liapunov Stability
pp. 1--4.
Singh, B.;
Damp Nonoscillation in Third Order Retarded Equations
pp. 5--13.
Lovelady, D. L.;
Asymptotic Analysis of a Second Order Nonlinear Functional Differential Equation
pp. 15--21.
McCann, R. C.;
An Embedding Theorem for Semidynamical Systems
pp. 23--33.
Graef, J. R. and Spikes, P. W.;
Sufficient Conditions for the Equation $(a(t)x')'+h(t,x,x')+q(t)f(x,x')=e(t,x,x')$ to be Nonoscillatory
pp. 35--40.
Exton, H.;
Ordinary Differential Equations with Fixed Critical Points
pp. 41--47.
Chen, L. S.;
Asymptotic Property of Weak Solutions of Weakly Coupled Parabolic Systems with Discontinuous and Unbounded Coefficients
pp. 49--58.
Egawa, J.;
Isomorphisms and Local Dynamical Systems Admitting Invariant Positive Measures
pp. 59--71.
Ishii, H.;
On Some Perturbation of the Navier-Stokes Equations in $L^p$ Spaces
pp. 73--83.
Kato, J.;
Favard's Separation Theorem in Functional Differential Equations
pp. 85--92.
Hajek, O.;
Pursuit Games with Delays
pp. 93--98.

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