Volume 20 (1977)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Exton, H.;
On a Basic Analogue of the Generalised Laguerre Equation
pp. 1--8.
Yosida, S.;
Augmentation of Control System and Its Influence on Controllability and Optimality
pp. 9--21.
Ebihara, Y. and Nanbu, T.;
On the Global Solution of Some Nonlinear Parabolic Equation
pp. 23--38.
McCann, R. C.;
Negative Escape Time in Semidynamical Systems
pp. 39--47.
Terry, R. D.;
Positive Solutions of $D^n[r(t)D^ny(t)]=p(t)y(t-\tau(t))$
pp. 49--60.
Menzala, G. P.;
On Inverse Scattering for the Klein-Gordon Equation with Small Potentials
pp. 61--70.
Heymann, M., Pachter, M. and Stern, R. J.;
On Linear Games with Subspace Target
pp. 71--76.
Ebihara, Y.;
On the Equation $u_{tt}-u_{xx}=F(x,t,u,u_x,u_t)$
pp. 77--95.

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