Volume 24 (1981)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Tahara, H.;
Fundamental Systems of Analytic Solutions of Fuchsian Type Partial Differential Equations
pp. 135--140.
Smith, H. L.;
An Abstract Threshold Theorem for One Parameter Families of Positive Noncompact Operators
pp. 141--153.
Yanagihara, N.;
Finitely Many Valued Solutions of Some Difference Equations
pp. 155--165.
Itatsu, S. and Kaneta, H.;
Spectral Matrices for First and Second Order Selfadjoint Ordinary Differential Operators with Short Range Potentials
pp. 167--186.
Kaminogo, T.;
Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 187--199.
Leung, A.;
Stabilities for Equilibria of Competing-Species Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Homogeneous Dirichlet Condition
pp. 201--210.
Yamanaka, T.;
The Cauchy-Kovalevskaja Theorem with a Vector Valued Time Variable
pp. 211--246.
Furumochi, T.;
Periodic Solutions of Periodic Functional Differential Equations
pp. 247--258.

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