Volume 25 (1982)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Peichl, G. H.;
A kind of "History Space" for Retarded Functional Differential Equations and Representation of Solutions
pp. 245--256.
Banas, J., Hajnosz, A. and Wedrychowicz, S.;
On Existence and Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Some Functional Equations
pp. 257--267.
Gingold, H. and Hsieh, P. -F.;
On Global Simplification of a Singularly Perturbed System of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
pp. 269--281.
Yosida, S.;
An Optimal Control Problem of the Prey-Predator System
pp. 283--293.
Werbowski, J.;
Oscillations of Nonlinear Differential Equations Caused by Deviating Arguments
pp. 295--301.
Shibata, Y.;
On the Global Existence of Classical Solutions of Mixed Problem for Some Second Order Nonlinear Hyperbolic Operators with Dissipative Term in the Interior Domain
pp. 303--345.
Seifert, G.;
Uniform Stability for Delay-Differential Equations with Infinite Delays
pp. 347--356.
Egawa, J.;
Harmonizable Minimal Flows
pp. 357--362.
Shimomura, S.;
Supplement to "Series Expansions of Painleve Transcendents in the Neighbourhood of a Fixed Singular Point"
pp. 363--371.

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