Volume 27 (1984)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Kaminogo, T.;
Spectral Approach to Boundary Value Problems for Functional Differential Inclusions
pp. 147--156.
Szufla, S.;
On the Existence of $L^p$-Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations in Banach Spaces
pp. 157--172.
Tsukamoto, I.;
Perturbation Method for Linear Periodic Systems II
pp. 173--200.
D'Anna, A.;
Total Stability Properties for an Almost Periodic Equation by Means of Limiting Equations
pp. 201--209.
Kaneta, H.;
Spectral Matrices for First and Second Order Selfadjoint Ordinary Differential Operators with Diverging Potentials
pp. 211--227.
Burton, T. A.;
Periodic Solutions of Linear Volterra Equations
pp. 229--253.
Graef, J. R., Rankin, III S. M. and Spikes, P. W.;
Oscillation Results for Nonlinear Functional Differential Equations
pp. 255--260.
Meyer, K. R.;
Normal Forms for the General Equilibrium
pp. 261--271.

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