Volume 28 (1985)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

De Blasi, F. S. and Pianigiani, G.;
The Baire Category Method in Existence Problems for a Class of Multivalued Differential Equations with Nonconvex Right Hand Side
pp. 139--156.
Wang, Z. C. and Wu, J. H.;
Neutral Functional Differential Equations with Infinite Delay
pp. 157--170.
Hara, T. and Yoneyama, T.;
On the Global Center of Generalized Lienard Equation and Its Application to Stability Problems
pp. 171--192.
Uryu, H. and Itoh, S.;
Well-posedness in Gevrey Classes of the Cauchy Problems for Some Second Order Weakly Hyperbolic Operators
pp. 193--211.
Nakao, M. and Koyanagi, R.;
Existence of Classical Periodic Solutions of Semilinear Parabolic Equations with the Neumann Boundary Condition
pp. 213--219.
Heikkila, S.;
On Well-posedness of a Boundary Value Problem Involving Deviating Arguments
pp. 221--232.
Yoshida, S.;
2-Parameter Family of Solutions for Painleve Equations (I)$\sim$(V) at an Irregular Singular Point
pp. 233--248.

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