Volume 29 (1986)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Wang, Z. C., Wu, J. H. and Li, Z. X.;
The Variation of Constants Formula and Periodicity for Linear Neutral Integro-differential Equations
pp. 121--130.
Wu, J. H.;
Stability of Neutral Functional Differential Equations with Infinite Delay
pp. 131--139.
Nakao, M.;
Global Existence and Smoothing Effect for a Parabolic Equation with a Nonmonotonic Perturbation
pp. 141--149.
Fukagai, N.;
Existence and Uniqueness of Entire Solutions of Second Order Sublinear Elliptic Equations
pp. 151--165.
Ishii, H.;
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
pp. 167--188.
Usami, H.;
On Bounded Positive Entire Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations
pp. 189--195.
Agarwal, R. P.;
Some New Results on Two-Point Problems for Higher Order Differential Equations
pp. 197--212.
Mishev, D. P. and Bauinov, D. D.;
Oscillation Properties of the Solutions of a Class of Hyperbolic Equations of Neutral Type
pp. 213--218.
Kenmochi, N. and Otani, M.;
Asymptotic Behavior of Periodic Systems Generated by Time-Dependent Subdifferential Operators
pp. 219--236.
Haruki, S.;
Partial Difference Equations Analogous to the Cauchy-Riemann Equations, II
pp. 237--241.

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