Volume 30 (1987)


1 (April), 2/3 (October)

Shimomura, S.;
On Solutions of the Fifth Painleve Equation on the Positive Real Axis II
pp. 203--224.
Shin, J. S.;
On the Uniqueness of Solutions for Functional Differential Equations with Infinite Delay
pp. 225--236.
Faheem, M. and Rao, M. R. M.;
A Boundary Value Problem for Nonautonomous Nonlinear Functional Differential Equations of Delay Type with $L_2$-Initial Functions
pp. 237--249.
Ebihara, Y.;
On the Semilinear Heat Equations and Wave Equations with Unbounded Coefficient
pp. 251--268.
Kusano, T. and Naito, M.;
Oscillation Theory of Entire Solutions of Second Order Superlinear Elliptic Equations
pp. 269--282.
Sasai, T.;
Geometry of Analytic Space Curves with Singularities and Regular Singularities of Differential Equations
pp. 283--303.
Okamoto, K.;
Studies on the Painleve Equations IV. Third Painleve Equation $P_{III}$
pp. 305--332.
Kenmochi, N. and Kubo, M.;
Periodic Solutions to a Class of Nonlinear Variational Inequalities with Time-Dependent Constraints
pp. 333--349.
Taniguchi, M.;
Mixed Problem for Weakly Hyperbolic Equations of Second Order with Degenerate Oblique Boundary Condition
pp. 351--382.
Karakostas, G.;
Asymptotic Equilibrium in Prey-Predator Interactions with Nonlinear "Per Capita" Growth Rates
pp. 383--397.
Yoshino, M.;
On Sufficient Conditions for Convergence of Formal Solutions
pp. 399--416.
Yamada, N.;
Viscosity Solutions for a System of Elliptic Inequalities with Bilateral Obstacles
pp. 417--425.

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