Volume 33 (1990)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Hinton, D. B. and Shaw, J. K.;
Differential Operators with Spectral Parameter Incompletely in the Boundary Conditions
pp. 363--385.
Pinto, M.;
Integral Inequalities of Bihari-Type and Applications
pp. 387--403.
Wang, K.;
On the Equation $x'(t)=f(x(x(t)))$
pp. 405--425.
Chen, S. and Huang, Q.;
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Oscillation of Solutions to Systems of Neutral Functional Differential Equations
pp. 427--440.
Tarafdar, E.;
Nonlinear Variational Inequality with Application to the Boundary Value Problem for Quasilinear Operator in Generalized Divergence Form
pp. 441--453.
Kamimura, Y.;
An Expansion Formula for Spectral Functions
pp. 455--474.
Dalmasso, R.;
Solutions Positives Globales d'une Equation Biharmonique Sur-Lineaire
pp. 475--492.
Ueno, K.;
Hypergeometric Series Formulas through Operator Calculus
pp. 493--518.
Heikkila, S.;
On Functional Differential Equations with Discontinuous Right Hand Side in Ordered Banach Spaces
pp. 519--526.
Sasaki, T. and Yoshida, M.;
Tensor Products of Linear Differential Equations II -- New formulae for the hypergeometric functions
pp. 527--549.
Ishii, K. and Yamada, N.;
On the Rate of Convergence of Solutions for the Singular Perturbation of Gradient Obstacle Problems
pp. 551--562.

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