Volume 37 (1994)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Tsutaya, K.;
Global Existence and the Life Span of Solutions of Semilinear Wave Equations with Data of Non Compact Support in Three Space Dimensions
pp. 1--18.
Bardi, M. and Soravia, P.;
A Comparison Result for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Applications to Some Differential Games Lacking Controllability
pp. 19--43.
Zou, X.;
Comparison Theorems Concerning the Oscillation of Higher Order Functional Differential Equations with Middle Terms
pp. 45--57.
Nishioka, K.;
Painleve-Umemura Extensions
pp. 59--64.
Mizutani, Y.;
On the Holder Continuous Solutions of the Dirichlet Problem for Degenerate Quasi-Linear Elliptic Equations
pp. 65--79.
Narukawa, K. and Suzuki, T.;
Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem for a Modified Capillary Surface Equation
pp. 81--100.
Conti, G, Nistri, P. and Zecca, P.;
Non Convex Set-Valued Systems in Banach Spaces
pp. 101--114.
Burton, T. and Zhang, B.;
Boundedness and Periodicity in a Wave Equation with a Delay
pp. 115--153.
Sakata, S.;
On the Existence of Periodic Solutions of a Lienard System
pp. 155--174.
Maruo, K.;
Existence of Solutions for Wave Equations with Time Dependent Subdifferentials
pp. 175--194.

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