Volume 43 (2000)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Rogovchenko, Y. V.;
On the Oscillation of a Second Order Nonlinear Delay Differential Equation
pp. 1--29.
Gil', M. I.;
Stability of Linear Time-Variant Functional Differential Equations in a Hilbert Space
pp. 31--38.
Trofimchuk, S. I. and Ivanov, A. F.;
Weak Hyperbolicity of Delay Differential Equations and the 3/2-Type Stability Conditions
pp. 39--56.
Kirillov, A. N.;
$t$-Deformations of Quantum Schubert Polynomials
pp. 57--69.
Ishida, H. and Odai, H.;
The Initial Value Problem for Some Degenerate Hyperbolic Equations of Second Order in Gevrey Classes
pp. 71--85.
Boiti, C. and Manfrin, R.;
Some Results of Blow-Up and Formation of Singularities for Non-Strictly Hyperbolic Equations
pp. 87--119.
Tabor, J.;
Ideally Convex Sets and Hyers Theorem
pp. 121--125.
Tsugawa, K.;
Well-Posedness in the Energy Space for the Cauchy Problem of the Coupled System of Complex Scalar Field and Maxwell Equations
pp. 127--161.
Hirosawa, F.;
Energy Decay for Degenerate Hyperbolic Equations of Klein-Gordon Type with Dissipative Term
pp. 163--191.

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