Volume 44 (2001)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Okamoto, K. and Takano, K.;
The Proof of the Painleve Property by Masuo Hukuhara
pp. 201--217.
Iguchi, T.;
Well-Posedness of the Initial Value Problem for Capillary-Gravity Waves
pp. 219--241.
Machihara, S.;
The Nonrelativistic Limit of the Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation
pp. 243--252.
Zhang, B.;
Formulas of Liapunov Functions for Systems of Linear Ordinary and Delay Differential Equations
pp. 253--278.
Ma, S., Wang, Z. and Yu, J.;
Periodic Solutions of Neutral Functional Differential Equations with a Quasibounded Perturbation
pp. 279--290.
Kajiwara, K., Masuda, T., Noumi, M., Ohta, Y. and Yamada, Y.;
Determinant Formulas for the Toda and Discrete Toda Equations
pp. 291--307.
Aassila, M. and Benaissa, A.;
Existence Globale et Comportement Asymptotique des Solutions des Equations de Kirchhoff Moyennement Degenerees avec un Terme Non-Lineaire Dissipatif
pp. 309--333.
Adachi, T.;
Scattering Theory for $N$-Body Quantum Systems in a Time-Periodic Electric Field
pp. 335--376.

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