Volume 46 (2003)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Haraoka, Y.;
Evaluation of Stokes Multipliers for a Certain System of Differential Equations Corresponding to a Rigid Local System
pp. 187--211.
Ohara, K., Sugiki, Y. and Takayama, N.;
Quadratic Relations for Generalized Hypergeometric Functions ${}_pF_{p-1}$
pp. 213--251.
Garcia-Huidobro, M., Manasevich, R. and Otani, M.;
Existence Results for $p$-Laplacian-Like Systems of O.D.E.'s
pp. 253--285.
Shimomura, S.;
Lower Estimates for the Growth of Painleve Transcendents
pp. 287--295.
Ochiai, H. and Oshima, T.;
Commuting Differential Operators of Type $B_2$
pp. 297--336.

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