Volume 48 (2005)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Hidano, K. and Yokoyama, K.;
A Remark on the Almost Global Existence Theorems of Keel, Smith and Sogge
pp. 1--34.
Gadotti, M. C. and Taboas, P. Z.;
Oscillations of Planar Impulsive Delay Differential Equations
pp. 35--47.
Morosanu, G. and Vladimirescu, C.;
Stability for a Nonlinear Second Order ODE
pp. 49--56.
Kato, M.;
Generalized Hypergeometric Functions ${}_nF_{n-1}$ with Monodromy Groups $S_{n+1}$
pp. 57--63.
Kubo, H. and Ohta, M.;
On Systems of Semilinear Wave Equations with Unequal Propagation Speeds in Three Space Dimensions
pp. 65--98.
Korman, P.;
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for a Class of Non-Autonomous Dirichlet Problems
pp. 99--111.
Miyake, M. and Shirai, A.;
Structure of Formal Solutions of Nonlinear First Order Singular Partial Differential Equations in Complex Domain
pp. 113--136.
Tsuda, T.;
Tau Functions of the Fourth Painleve Equation in Two Variables
pp. 137--145.
Kajiwara, K., Masuda, T., Noumi, M., Ohta, Y. and Yamada, Y.;
Cubic Pencils and Painleve Hamiltonians
pp. 147--160.

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