Volume 52 (2009)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Vidūnas, R.;
Algebraic Transformations of Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
pp. 139--180.
Kawamuko, H.;
On the Garnier System of Half-Integer Type in Two Variables
pp. 181--201.
Matsumoto, K. and Ohara, K.;
Some Transformation Formulas for Lauricella's Hypergeometric Functions $F_D$
pp. 203--212.
Sato, T. and Takahashi, F.;
Asymptotic Uniqueness for a Biharmonic Equation with Nearly Critical Growth on Symmetric Convex Domains
pp. 213--232.
Masmoudi, N. and Nakanishi, K.;
Uniqueness of Solutions for Zakharov Systems
pp. 233--253.
Manfrin, R.;
$L^p$ Solutions of Second Order Differential Equations
pp. 255--279.
Yamaguchi, M.;
Existence and Regularity of Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Equations of a Suspended String
pp. 281--300.

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