International Conference <P> on <P> Geometry of Moduli spaces and Integrable Systems

Geometry of Moduli spaces and Integrable Systems

September 3 (Mon)- 7 (Fri), 2001


The main goal of the conference is to understand the recent developments and interactions between geometry of moduli spaces and integrable systems. We will discuss the topic including:

  • Frobenius structure or flat structure due to B. Dubrovin and K. Saito.
  • Isomonodrmic deformation of linear differential operators and Painleve systems and Garnier systems.
  • Algebraic geometry of spaces of initial conditions for NDE.
  • Discrete Painlev\'e systems and other topics.
  • Geometry of moduli spaces of Higgs bundles, Hitchin systems and related topics.
  • Representation theory and its relation to integrable systems.
  • Relation to Quantum cohomology, etc.
  • Organizers

  • Hironobu Kimuura (Kumamoto)
  • Yosuke Ohyama (Osaka)
  • Kazuo Okamoto(Tokyo)
  • Masa-Hiko Saito (Kobe)
  • Kyoji Saito (RIMS)
  • Takeshi Sasaki (Kobe)
  • Kyoichi Takano (Kobe)
  • Yasuhiko Yamada (Kobe)

    The Program (Changed) : dvi , ps , tex

    The program was changed: K. Iwasaki's talk was moved to September 4. M.H. Saito's talk was moved to September 6.

    List of Invited Speakers and Titles of Talks:

  • Boris Dubrovin (SISSA, Trieste) :

    Almost duality for Frobenius manifolds with some applications

  • Hidetaka Sakai (Tokyo) :

    Elliptic-difference Painlev\'e equation

  • Philip Boalch (SISSA, Trieste) :

    Stokes matrices, Poisson Lie groups and Frobenius manifold

  • Alexander Kitaev (St. Petersburg)

    On Algebraic Solutions and Higher Order Transformations for Special Functions of the Isomonodromy Type

  • Kyoji Saito (RIMS) :

    Elliptic flat structure and elliptic Lie group

  • Katsunori Iwasaki (Kyushu) :

    Geometry of isomonodromic deformations

  • Yasuhiko Yamada (Kobe) :

    Tropical and ultra-discrete Painlev\'e equations

  • Eyal Markman (Amherst):

    On the algebraic-geometry of the Classical Dynamical Yang-Baxter Equation

  • Kanehisa Takasaki (Kyoto) :

    Isomonodromic deformations with Calogero degrees of freedom

  • Vladimir Kostov (Nice)

    On the Deligne-Simpson problem

  • Masa-Hiko Saito (Kobe) :


  • Takashi Takebe (Ochayanomizu) :

    Separation of Variables in the Elliptic Gaudin Model

  • Tamas Hausel (Berkeley) :

    Mirror symmetry, Langlands duality and Hitchin system

  • Jacques Hurtubise (Montreal):

    The geometry of the Sklyanin bracket.

  • Yousuke Ohyama (Osaka) :

    Special Solutions of Painlev\'e-Garnier systems

  • Short communications

  • Hitomi Terajima (Kobe):

    Nodal Curves and Riccati Solution s for Painlev\'e equations

  • Shoji Okumura (Osaka):

    The self-dual metrics from Painlev\'e equations

  • Teruhisa Tuda (Tokyo):

    Folding transformations of the Painlev\'e equations

  • Toshiyuki Mano (Kyoto):

    Differential equations for Hilbert modular forms of ${\bf Q}(\sqrt{2})$