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10 March 2021 (Wed)   17:30~(JST)/9:30~(UTC+1)

Szilard Szabo (Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics)

Title : Asymptotic analysis of non-abelian Hodge theory in rank 2

Abstract:First we explain how recent results on the asymptotic solutions of Hitchin's equations on a curve allow one to prove Simpson's Geometric P = W conjecture in the Painlevé 6 case. In the second part of the talk we outline the main ideas of our ongoing work on the extension of this result to the Garnier case with 5 parabolic points.

Painlevé Seminar Topics

Recently, we have encountered many interesting links between differential equations of Painlevé types and other fields of mathematics such as algebraic geometry, non-abelian Hodge theory and topological recursion and so on.
In this web seminar, we will organize research talks on Painlevé equations and related topics on web (zoom), basically about once every two or three weeks.
Regular time for seminar talk will be from 17:30--18:30 + discussion time in JST(Japan) or 8:30--9:30 in UTC (England). It is also an activity of Kobe Seminar on Integrable Systems. We are looking forward to your participation in the seminar. In order to get zoom access, please register through the form.

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Arata Komyo (Kobe), Frank Loray (Rennes 1), Ryo Ohkawa (Kobe), Masa-Hiko Saito (Kobe)

Supported by

French ANR-16-CE40-0008 project "Foliage" (Frank Loray)

JSPS Grant-in-aid (S) 17H06127 (PI: Masa-Hiko Saito)