Last updated February 8, 1999

The 7th Japan-Korea School of Knots and Links

February 15 - 19, 1999

The aim of the school is to provide ground for the exchange of information on new achivements and on the recent problems of low-dimensional topology and knot theory.

The School will consist of plenary expository lectures, plenary talks on specific subjects, and parallel sessions.

Plenary expository lectures wil be given by:

Prof. Taizo Kanenobu (Osaka City University)

[Link Polynomials as Vassiliev Invariants]

Prof. Toshitake Kohno (University of Tokyo)

[Braids and iterated integrals]

Prof. Masako Kobayashi (Assumption Jr. College)

Prof. Masakazu Teragaito (Hiroshima University)

[Dehn surgery on knots yielding lens spaces]

The following professors are asked to give plenary lectures.

Prof. Ki Hyoung Ko (Korean Advanced Instutute of Science and Technology)

[Toward a polynomial solution to the conjugacy problem in the braid groups]

Prof. Akio Kawauchi (Osaka City University)

[On the fundamental class of an infinite cyclic covering]

Prof. Tsuyoshi Kobayashi (Nara Women's University)

[Classification of unknotting tunnels for two bridge knots]

Prof. Yoshiyuki Ohyama (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

[Web diagrams and realization of Vassiliev invariants by knots]

Prof. Yoshiyuki Yokota (Kyushu University)

[Polynomial invariants of $\theta_n$-curves in 3-space]

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