Conference on nonlinear wave equations and related topics


Date: February 2 (Sat), 2013, 10:00—17:15

Place: Room 501, Faculty of Science Building #4, Hokkaido University

On Saturdays, the front entrance of the building #4 is closed, so please use the entrance of the building #3, come up to the 5th floor and go to the building #4 via the connection passage



Tadayoshi Adachi (Kobe University)

Mishio Kawashita (Hiroshima University)

Soonsik Kwon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Takahiro Okabe (Hirosaki University)

Takeshi Wada (Kumamoto University)


Workshop programme (PDF file):

10:0011:00  Takeshi Wada (Kumamoto University)

On well-posedness for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with power nonlinearity in fractional order Sobolev spaces

11:1512:15  Tadayoshi Adachi (Kobe University)

Quantum scattering in crossed constant magnetic and time-dependent electric fields

13:4514:45  Soonsik Kwon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Normal form reduction for unconditional well-posedness of canonical dispersive equations

15:0016:00  Takahiro Okabe (Hirosaki University)

Initial profile for the slow decay of the Navier-Stokes flow in the half-space

16:1517:15  Mishio Kawashita (Hiroshima University)

Energy decay properties for dissipative wave equations in exterior domains






Hideo Kubo (Hokkaido University)

Hiroyuki Takamura (Future University Hakodate)

Hideo Takaoka (Hokkaido University)