RIMS Workshop on

Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations


The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion on common interests in harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. We are looking for your participation.


Workshop 2018

RIMS, Kyoto University, June 25th through 27th, 2018


Dates: June 25 (Mon.) 27 (Wed.), 2018                                                        


Venue: Room 420 on Monday and Tuesday

Room 111 on Wednesday only

at the RIMS building (google Map: RIMS)

Please note there is a room change



 Monica Visan (University of California, Los Angeles)  (*) Survey Lecture

 Neal Bez (Saitama University) [埼玉大学]

 Rowan Killip (University of California, Los Angeles)

 Eiichi Nakai (Ibaraki University) [中井英一(茨城大学)]

 Takahiro Noi (Tokyo Metropolitan University) [野井貴弘(首都大学東京)]

 Mamoru Okamoto (Shinshu University) [岡本葵(信州大学)]

 Junichi Segata (Tohoku University) [瀬片純市(東北大学)]

 Hideaki Sunagawa (Osaka University) [砂川秀明(大阪大学)]

 Yohei Tsutsui (Shinshu University) [筒井容平(信州大学)]


Programme: links will be placed here later



Hideo Takaoka (Kobe University) [高岡秀夫(神戸大学)]

Satoshi Masaki (Osaka University) [眞崎聡(大阪大学)]


Supported by RIMS and JSPS KAKENHI



(Link to RIMS Workshop on Mathematical Analysis in Fluid and Gas Dynamics, July 4th through 6th, 2018)

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