Kan/sm1 (1991--2003) is a system for computing in the ring of differential operators D (and difference operators, ...).


The latest version of kan/sm1 is obtainable as a part of the OpenXM package. Access to the OpenXM home page to download the OpenXM package . After downloading, build the system following the instruction included. The system "sm1" will be built under OpenXM/bin. The system has been tested on cygwin (windows), Debian, and FreeBSD.


Documents for kan/sm1 is here
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  1. Old kan/sm1 (sources and binaries of version 2.990914 are here) : A system for computation in algebraic analysis, 1991---. Version 1, 1991, Version 2, 1994.
    The last standalone distribution is kan/sm1 Release 2.990914. (source code and Linux binary distribution only.)
  2. D-Macaulay : A system for computation in algebraic analysis, 1994---. D-Macaulay(Macaulay for D-modules) is developed based on Macaulay (a computer algebra system for algebraic geometry) written by D.Bayer and M.Stillman.
  3. Macaulay 2 : An implementation for D-modules in Macaulay 2 is under progress.
  4. Risa/Asir Version 940320, 950831 : A general computer algebra system developed at Fujitsu Laboratory .