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Each object of kan/sm1 has the tag expressed by an integer. The tag expresses the class to which the object belongs. You can see the tag of a given object by the operator tag. For example, if you type in
10 tag ::
then you get the number $1$. If you type in
[ 1  2]  tag ::
then you get the number $6$. The number $1$ is the tag of the integer objects and the number $6$ is the tag of the array objects. These tag numbers are stored in the variables IntegerP and ArrayP. In order to translate one object to that in a different class, there is the operator data_conversion or dc. For example,
(10). (integer) dc  ::
translates the polynomial $10$ in the current ring into the integer $10$ and
(10). (string) dc  ::
translates the polynomial $10$ into the string 10.

Nobuki Takayama 平成22年2月8日