C codes for the holonomic gradient method of the cumulative distribution in  the paper.
                  The command "make all" will generates
                      mh-2, w-2, ...., mh-10, w-10
                  gcc is needed to make. On Mac's, please install the xcode optional package.

                  mh-10 gives initial values for w-10 for evaluating the cumulative distribution for m=10
                  with Koev-Edelman's algorithm.
                  w-10 gives values of the cumulative distribution for m=10 with our algorithm.
                  Add the "--help" option to these commands to see usages.


The R program in the Appendix B.


The latest version of  the Risa/Asir package yang.rr  It is refered in the section 4.
           sudo cp yang.rr /usr/local/OpenXM/lib/asir-contrib/yang.rr
          to update the yang.rr in the current distribution of the OpenXM package 1.3.1-6 for unix computers.
          For Mac's, copy it under cfep.app/OpenXM/lib/asir-contrib (not tested yet).
          For Windows, copy it under asir\lib-asir-contrib (not tested yet).

Old files (Attic)