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Sightseeing of Kyoto

If you have not yet visited Kyoto, we recommend you to visit there.

How to go to Kyoto ?

Take a JR special rapid service train (新快速) from the JR Sannomiya station (三宮). The special rapid service trains are under operation from early morning till late night. All special rapid service trains, which leaves from the track 1 or 2, bring you to Osaka(大阪) and Kyoto(京都). Buy a regular ticket of 1,050 yen. You do not need to buy an extra ticket for special rapid service trains. Wait at a track with the sign for Osaka (track 1 or 2) and get on a special rapid service train, which will come in 15 minutes at most. It will take you to Kyoto in one hour.

Recommendations in Kyoto

In order to visit places in Kyoto in one day or in a half day, taxies are the most convinient way. Although it is not a cheap way, please think about spending about 10,000 yen for taxies. You can easily catch taxies on roads, stations, and touristic places.

We list some places below and instructions for taxi drivers. Please print it and bring with you. Links to the wikipedia are given.

1. Nijo-castle (二条城)

Please go to the Nijo-castle.
Translation: 二条城へいってください.

2. Kinkaku temple (金閣寺)

Please go to the Kingaku temple.
Translation: 金閣寺へいってください.

3. Ginkaku temple (銀閣寺)

Please go to the Ginkaku temple.
Translation: 銀閣寺へいってください.

4. Kiyomizu temple (清水寺)

Please go to the Kiyomizu temple.
Translation: 清水寺へいってください.

5. JR Kyoto station (京都駅)

Please go to the JR Kyoto station (karasuma exit).
Translation: 京都駅へ行ってください. 在来線の烏丸口の方です.

Note that if you want to visit Katsura-rikyu or Kyoto imperial palace, you need a reservation in advance on a web.