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Kobe J. Math. 34 no. 1-2 (2017)
Honda, Atsufumi
Duality of singularities for spacelike CMC surfaces,
pp. 1 - 11
Yasumoto, Masashi
Semi-discrete surfaces of revolution,
pp. 13 - 26
Ito, Noboru; Matsuzaki, Shosaku; Taniyama, Kouki
Circle arrangements of link projections,
pp. 27 - 36
Kobe J. Math. 33 no. 1-2 (2016)
Fujimori, Shoichi; Gaber Mohamed, Samah; Pember, Mason
Maximal surfaces in Minkowski 3-space with non-trivial topology and corresponding CMC 1 surfaces in de Sitter 3-space,
pp. 1 - 12
Ito, Noboru; Takimura, Yusuke
Strong and weak (1,2) homotopies on knot projections and new invariants,
pp. 13 - 30
Qazaqzeh, Khaled; Mansour, Isra
On Kanenobu knots,
pp. 31 - 52
Ichihara, Kazuhiro; Matsudo, Eri
A lower bound on minimal number of colors for links,
pp. 53 - 60
Kobe J. Math. 32 no. 1-2 (2015)
Takahashi, Yuki
Knotted surfaces in 3-space with simple fold projections, II,
pp. 1 - 15
Funakoshi, Yukari
Pseudo-fiber surfaces and unknotting operations for links,
pp. 17 - 51
Hui, Shyamal Kumar; Matsuyama, Yoshio
On real hypersurfaces of a complex projective space with pseudo parallel second fundamental tensor,
pp. 53 - 59
Naokawa, Kosuke
The topology of extrinsically flat closed strips on given knots in spaces of constant curvature,
pp. 61 - 68
Kobe J. Math. 31 no. 1-2 (2014)
Uchida, Yoshiaki
The detour crossing changes,
pp. 1 - 7
Hayashi, Nobukatsu
Counterexample to variational Torelli problem for algebraic surfaces of general type with geometric genus two,
pp. 9 - 20
Abe, Tetsuya; Kanenobu, Taizo
Unoriented band surgery on knots and links,
pp. 21 - 44
Inoguchi, Jun-ichi; Van der Veken, Joeri
Gauss maps of constant mean curvature surfaces in three-dimensional homogeneous spaces,
pp. 45 - 62
Jong, In Dae; Kishimoto, Kengo
Erratum to "On positive knots of genus two'' [MR3157050],
pp. 63 - 64
Kobe J. Math. 30 no. 1-2 (2013)
Jong, In Dae; Kishimoto, Kengo
On positive knots of genus two,
pp. 1 - 18
Qazaqzeh, Khaled
Integral lattices of the SU(2)-TQFT-modules,
pp. 19 - 32
Kasahara, Yuji; Kumanda, Kosuke
On the maximum of a one-dimensional diffusion,
pp. 33 - 47
Shimoyama, Yukiko
On behaviors of the stochastic pseudo processes governed by third-order heat type equations,
pp. 49 - 82
Murai, Hiroko
Gap of codimension one foliations,
pp. 1 - 24
Helme-Guizon, Laure; Rong, Yongwn
Khovanov type homologies for graphs,
pp. 25 - 43
Goda, Hiroshi; Hayashi, Chuichiro
Genus two Heegaard splittings of exteriors of 1-genus 1-bridge knots,
pp. 45 - 84
Kobe J. Math. 28 no. 1-2 (2011)
Diao, Yuanan; Ernst, Claus; Ziegler, Uta
The linearity of the ropelengths of Conway algebraic knots in terms of their crossing numbers,
pp. 1 - 19
Ichihara, Kazuhiro; Mizushima, Shigeru
Boundary slopes and the numbers of positive/negative crossings for Montesinos knots,
pp. 21 - 40
Yoshikawa, Tomoyo; Takahashi, Kanae
Incompressible and pairwise incompressible surfaces in alternating link complements,
pp. 41 - 68
Kalliongis, John; Ohashi, Ryo
Finite group actions on prism manifolds which preserve a Heegaard Klein bottle,
pp. 69 - 89
Kobe J. Math. 27 no. 1-2 (2010)
Dowdall, Nicholas E.; Mattman, Thomas W.; Meek, Kevin; Solis, Pablo R
On the Harary-Kauffman conjecture and Turk's head knots,
pp. 1 - 20
Bartholomew, Andrew; Fenn, Roger; Kamada, Nakao; Kamada, Seiichi
New invariants of long virtual knots,
pp. 21 - 33
Kadokami, Teruhisa; Yasuhara, Akira
An estimation of the Ck-unknotting number for a Ck-trivial link,
pp. 35 - 46
Huck, Sophy; Appel, Alexandra; Manrique, Miguel-Angel; Mattman, Thomas W.
A sufficient condition for intrinsic knotting of bipartite graphs,
pp. 47 - 57
Haruta, Chikara
Crossing changes for pre-simple diagrams of pseudo-ribbon surface-links,
pp. 59 - 72
Chbili, Nafaa
Equivalent Khovanov homology associated with symmetric links,
pp. 73 - 89
Kobe J. Math. 26 no. 1-2 (2009)
Kanenobu, Taizo
The block numbers of 2-bridge knots and links,
pp. 1 - 15
Nakamura, Takuji
Braidzel surfaces for fibered knots with given Alexander polynomials,
pp. 17 - 28
Morimoto, Kanji; Yamada, Yuichi
A note on essential tori in the exteriors of torus knots with twists,
pp. 29 - 34
Eudave-Munoz, Mario; Sayari, Nabil
Reducible manifolds and Dehn fillings on links,
pp. 35 - 46
Tange, Motoo
Remarks on lens space surgery,
pp. 47 - 58
Takeda, Yasushi
Braid index and the number of Seifert circles for a virtual link,
pp. 59 - 73
Kobe J. Math. 25 no. 1-2 (2008)
Higuchi, Yasunari; Wu, Xian-Yuan
Uniqueness of the critical probability for percolation in the two-dimensional Sierpinski carpet lattice,
pp. 1 - 24
Denche, M.; Berkane, A.
On abstract first order differential equation with a nonlocal integral condition,
pp. 25 - 38
Campbell, Jesse; Mattman, Thomas W.; Ottman, Ryan; Pyzer, Joel; Rodrigues, Matt; Williams, Sam
Intrinsic knotting and linking of almost complete graphs,
pp. 39 - 58
Shibuya, Tetsuo; Yasuhara, Akira
Self Delta-equivalence of links in solid tori in S3,
pp. 59 - 64