Computer Algebra Seminar (計算代数セミナー) at Kobe Univ.(神戸大学)

September 23 (Sun), 2001. 9月23日, 13:30 --- 17:00.
September 24 (Mon), 2001. 9月24日, 1:00 --- 12:00.

神戸大学理学部 C 棟 Room C501, Faculty of Science, Kobe University.

このセミナーは ASCM 2001 の参加者対象の特別セミナーですので, 原則として参加者は ASCM 2001 へのレジストレーションが必要です. また会場が手狭なため 20 名程度しか収容能力がありませんので御承知おき下さい.

Sep. 23 (Sun)  Afternoon

  Nobuki Takayama (1 hour) : Localization algorithms and 
                            finding annihilating ideal of exp(f(x)/g(x)).

  Kazuhiro Yokoyama ( 1 hour) :
                              Yet another polynomial factorization 
                             (deterministic polynomial-time and heuristics)
  Erich Kaltofen (1 hour) : (He cannot come. Lecture will be given by OHP and realaudio on Sunday or Monday.)

Sep. 24 (Mon)

  Masayuki Noro (10:00---10:30) : Yet another implementation of F4

  DongMing Wang (11:00---12:00):Reasoning about Curves and Surfaces: An Application 
                           of Differential Zero and Ideal Decomposition

  Daniel Lazard (1 hour) : (Sorry, canceled)
  Jean-Charles Faugere (1 hour):  (Sorry, canceled)

Past Lectures.

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