Computer Algebra Seminar (計算代数セミナー) at Kyushu Univ.(九州大学)

January 8 (Tue), 2002. 1月8日, 15:00 --- 16:30.

九大理学部 3 号館 (箱崎) Room 3109, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University (Hakozaki).


Takunari Miyazaki
Trinity College
Hartford, Connecticut
Polynomial-time computation in finite groups

In the intersection of abstract algebra and computer science, computational group theory is a research area concerning methods of computation, both theoretical and practical, in groups. Over the last several decades, this subject has experienced a period of vigorous development. As a result, in practice, group-theoretic software systems have successfully served mathematicians and scientists as key tools for many important discoveries.
Although there are numerous instances of applications, an important motivation for our research is relationship with the graph-isomorphism problem: given two graphs, test whether or not they are isomorphic. The problem is of fundamental importance in the theory of computing because of its as yet unresolved membership status in the complexity classes P and NP-complete.
This talk will highlight some of my research in computational group theory, with a focus on problems that resemble or generalize the graph-isomorphism problem. I will summarize instances where the problems are known to be solvable in polynomial time and indicate methods that enable such efficiency.

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