Computer Algebra Seminar (計算代数セミナー) at Kobe Univ.(神戸大学)

February 5 (Tue), 2002. 2月5日, 15:00 --- 17:00.

神戸大学理学部 C501
Room C501, Faculty of Science, Kobe University.

Koji Nakagawa
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC-Linz)
Johannes Kepler University, Austria
User-Friendly Features of Mathematical Software System Theorema

Theorema, implemented on top of Mathematica, is an integrated and coherent environment which supports all aspects of mathematical activities of proving, solving, and computing.
One of the design objectives of Theorema is to be user-friendly. In Theorema all statements are described in the Theorema syntax which is quite similar to that of mathematical books. Proofs are interactively shown in natural languages (e.g. Japanese) with colors. Also with the facility of 'logicographic symbols' the users can create new notations which remind us the meaning of the notions.
In this talk, we will see these features by live demo presentation, and then the implementation will be presented. Also the implementation of proving engine will be mentioned.

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