Computer Algebra Seminar No.23 (計算代数セミナー, 第23回) at Kyshu Univ.
(九州大学 箱崎キャンパス)

May 26 (Wed), 2004. 5月26日 (水曜日), 10:30 --- 17:00

場所: 九州大学 21 世紀交流プラザ 会議室 A (生協図書売場の上)
わからない人は始まる 10 分前までに工学部本館 232 (横山研究室) にお越し下さい.

Kinji Kimura (Kyoto University) [木村欣司]
Application of an automatic weight generator and an efficient determinant computation to polynomial system solving
[連立代数方程式求解への weight 生成器と determinant の応用] , 10:30--12:00

Hyungju Park (KIAS)
Algebraic Methods in System Theory , 13:30-15:00

Many problems in digital signal processing (or system theory in general) can be converted to algebraic problems over polynomial and Laurent polynomial rings, and can be solved using the methods of algebraic and symbolic computation. We model various system theory problems in terms of Linear Algebra over Polynomial Rings, and demonstrate how a hybrid of numeric/symbolic computations can settle difficult problems in multidimensional signal processing.

Shin'ichi Tajima (Niigata University)[田島慎一]
Noetherian differential operators and its applications , 15:30-17:00

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