Computer Algebra Seminar No.34 (計算代数セミナー, 第34回) at Kobe University

August 27 (Fri), 2010. 8月27日 (金曜日), 15:10--16:10
場所:神戸大学 理学部B棟 B314
Direct algorithm for indefinite quasi-rational summation

Eugene Zima
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Canada
New algorithm for indefinite quasi-rational summation is presented. It is based on "shiftless" factorization of polynomials and direct divisibility test. It uses sparse representation of the output, and if expanded output has the size polynomial in the input size, then running time of our algorithm is also polynomial in the input size. We will compare this algorithm with our similar algorithm for rational summation and also discuss its potential extension to the problem of hypergeometric summation.

Past Lectures.

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