Q and A

KnoppixMath 2010

  1. Q. The flash-knoppix command does nothing.
    A. Our flash-knoppix command is modified; it formats a flash memory and installs knoppix only to /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc or ... and does not install it to /dev/sda (the first sd device). If you have the internal ide hard disks and connect only one flash memory, the flash memory will be assigned to /dev/sda. In this case, if you connect two flash memories, then the second flash memory will be assigned to the /dev/sdb and the flash-knoppix command will show this device.

Small-vmkm, lenny-ox

  1. Q. There is no bowser installed.
    "epiphany" is installed. To start it, type in
    in a terminal or show the "application/internet" menu by system/preferences/main menu.

Small-vmkm, etch-ox