A list of links for KnoppixMath KnoppixMath is a project to generate a live archive of mathematical software systems and related documents.
  1. The project home on the internet.
  2. Short movies (booting, generating flash knoppix, choosing languages).
  3. A virtual machine to run the KnoppixMath 2010 on Windows or Mac.
This folder contains a virtual machine (VM) for KnoppixMath 2010. Before using it, (1) you need to install the VMware player for Windows or the VMware Fusion for Mac ( http://www.vmware.com ) and (2) you need to get an iso image of the KnoppixMath 2010 DVD. If you use a Mac, you can generate it by the "disk Utility" (create a cdr file). If you use Windows, there are several software systems to do this or if you already have a DVD utility in your PC, the utility will be able to do this work. If you have questions on how to create the iso image, ask, e.g., google with the key words "create iso image file".
We provide a batch file "extract_image.bat" in this folder, which will work on Windows/XP to generate an iso image.
Once you have obtained an iso image, rename it to knxm2010.iso and put the file at the same place with the folder knxm2010icms, which will be obtained by unzipping the file knxm2010icms.zip. In other words, if you look files by a file browser, you shold find the file knxm2010.iso and the folder knxm2010icms in a same folder. Open the folder knxm2010icms and double click the file icms2010.vmx , then the KnoppixMath 2010 will start.
The file icms2010.vmx can be edited by any text editor and you can change the name of the iso file to use and several other settings.

As for updates on virtual machines, please visit http://www.math.kobe-u.ac.jp/vmkm

This page is edited by the icms2010-dvd editing team.