International Conference
“Schrödinger Equations and Related Topics”

on the occasion of Professor Kenji Yajima's sixtieth birthday

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Dates: January 5 (Mon.) ‑ January 8 (Thur.), 2009
Location:  Auditorium of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences,
The University of Tokyo
3‑8‑1, Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo 153‑8914, Japan
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Date and Time:  January 7 (Wed.), 2009; 19:00 ‑
Location:  Houou Hall in Komaba Eminence
2‑19‑5, Ohashi, Meguro, Tokyo 153‑0044, Japan
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Program (PDF)
(Abstracts of Talks)
January 5
14:00‑14:50: Sandro Graffi (Univ. Bologna)
 Uniform convergence of quantum normal forms and exact quantization formulae
15:20‑16:10: Dimitri Yafaev (Univ. Rennes 1)
 On spectral properties of translationally invariant magnetic Schrödinger operators
16:30‑17:20: Hiroshi Isozaki (Univ. Tsukuba)
 Gauge equivalence and inverse scattering for Aharonov-Bohm effect
January 6
10:00‑10:50: Setsuro Fujiié (Univ. Hyogo)
 Spectral projection for barrier top resonances
11:10‑12:00: Arne Jensen (Aalborg Univ.)
 Perturbation of an eigenvalue near a threshold and non-exponential decay laws
14:00‑14:50: Akira Iwatsuka (Kyoto Inst. Technology)
 Norm resolvent convergence to Schrödinger operators with singular magnetic fields
supported by a circle in $R^3$
15:20‑16:10: Yoshio Tsutsumi (Kyoto Univ.)
 Continuity of mapping: $u \mapsto |u|$ on the homogeneous Sobolev or Besov spaces
January 7
10:00‑10:50: Fumihiko Nakano (Kochi Univ.)
 Distribution of eigenfunctions in the Anderson model
11:10‑12:00: Hal Tasaki (Gakushuin Univ.)
 Hubbard model and the origin of ferromagnetism
14:00‑14:50: Elliott Lieb (Princeton Univ.)
 Some extensions of Lieb-Thirring inequalities for eigenvalues of the Schrödinger operator
15:20‑16:10: Heinz Siedentop (Univ. München)
 Density matrix functionals and their relation to the Schrödinger quantum energy of large atoms
16:30‑17:20: Asao Arai (Hokkaido Univ.)
 Non-Weyl representations of the canonical commutation relation and mathematical theory
of time operators
January 8
10:00‑10:50: Dongho Chae (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)
 Liouville type theorems for the Euler equations in $R^N$
11:10‑12:00: Mitsuharu Ôtani (Waseda Univ.)
 Some parabolic equations with nonlinear boundary conditions
14:00‑14:50: Piero D'Ancona (Univ. Roma)
 Almost optimal local well posedness for the Maxwell-Dirac system
15:20‑16:10: Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof (ESI, Univ. Wien)
 Regularity of Coulombic wavefunctions
(joint work with Søren Fournais, Maria Hoffmann-Ostenhof and Thomas Østergaard Sørensen)

Support: The conference is partially supported by the following funds:
 JSPS Grant-In-Aid for Sci. Res., Kiban A, No. 20244009 (T. Ogawa)
 JSPS Grant-In-Aid for Sci. Res., Kiban B, No. 17340033 (S. Nakamura)
 JSPS Grant-In-Aid for Sci. Res., Kiban C, No. 18540191 (K. Kurata)
 JSPS Grant-In-Aid for Sci. Res., Kiban C, No. 20540169 (T. Adachi)

Organizing Committee:
Shu Nakamura (The University of Tokyo)  
Kazuhiro Kurata (Tokyo Metropolitan University)  
Takayoshi Ogawa (Tohoku University)  
Keiichi Kato (Science University of Tokyo)  
Tadayoshi Adachi (Kobe University)