Volume 34 (1991)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Freedman, H. I. and Kuang, Y.;
Stability Switches in Linear Scalar Neutral Delay Equations
pp. 187--209.
Sasai, T. and Tsuchiya, S.;
On a Fourth Order Fuchsian Differential Equation of Okubo Type
pp. 211--221.
Cheng, S. S., Yan, T. C. and Li, H. J.;
Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Difference Equation
pp. 223--239.
Krisztin, T.;
On Stability Properties for One-Dimensional Functional Differential Equations
pp. 241--256.
Papageorgiou, N. S.;
Volterra Integrodifferential Inclusions in Reflexive Banach Spaces
pp. 257--277.
Szufla, S.;
On the Hammerstein Integral Equation with Weakly Singular Kernel
pp. 279--285.
Yoshino, M.;
Representation Formula for Cluster Sets of Eigenvalues
pp. 287--302.
Matos, M. P. and Pereira, D. C.;
On a Hyperbolic Equation with Strong Damping
pp. 303--311.
Wang, Z. and Yu, J.;
Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Nonlinear Difference Equations
pp. 313--319.
Colombo, R. M., Fryszkowski, A., Rzezuchowski, T. and Staicu, V.;
Continuous Selections of Solution Sets of Lipschitzean Differential Inclusions
pp. 321--330.
Jaros, J.;
On Characterization of Oscillations in First-Order Linear Neutral Differential Equations
pp. 331--342.
Emmanuele, G.;
Existence of Approximate Solutions for O. D. E.'s under Caratheodory Assumptions in Closed, Convex Sets of Banach Spaces
pp. 343--353.
Hajek, O.;
Bilinear Control: Rank-One Inputs
pp. 355--374.

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