Volume 34 (1991)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Ohmiya, M.;
On the Deift-Trubowitz Trace Formula for the 1-Dimensional Schrodinger Operator with Integrable Potential
pp. 375--390.
Feckan, M.;
A Remark on the Shadowing Lemma
pp. 391--402.
Dalmasso, R.;
Positive Entire Solutions of Superlinear Biharmonic Equations
pp. 403--422.
Saigo, M. and Srivastava, H. M.;
Some Asymptotic Formulas Exhibiting the Behaviors of the Triple Hypergeometric Series $F_S$ and $F_T$ Near the Boundaries of Their Convergence Regions
pp. 423--448.
Hishida, T.;
Existence and Regularizing Properties of Solutions for the Nonstationary Convection Problem
pp. 449--474.
Hoshino, H. and Yamada, Y.;
Solvability and Smoothing Effect for Semilinear Parabolic Equations
pp. 475--494.
Yoneyama, T.;
Uniform Asymptotic Stability for $n$-Dimensional Delay-Differential Equations
pp. 495--504.
Klares, B. and Sadler, C.;
Irregular Singularity, Iterated Integrals and Connexion Problem
pp. 505--527.
Burton, T. A.;
The Nonlinear Wave Equation as a Lienard Equation
pp. 529--545.

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