Volume 35 (1992)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Schmidt, S.;
Existenzsatze fur gewohnliche Differentialgleichungen in Banachraumen
pp. 199--222.
Steinbart, E. M.;
On the Location of Zeros of Solutions to $w''+Aw=0$
pp. 223--254.
Choe, B. R.;
A Functional Equation of Pexider Type
pp. 255--259.
Grace, S. R.;
Oscillation Theorems for Damped Functional Differential Equations
pp. 261--278.
Hara, T., Yoneyama, T. and Miyazaki, R.;
Some Refinements of Razumikhin's Method and Their Applications
pp. 279--305.
Philos, Ch. G.;
Oscillation for First Order Linear Delay Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients
pp. 307--319.
Kawai, S.;
On the Dirichlet Problem of the Equation $-\Delta u=Ku^5$ on the Ball in $R^3$
pp. 321--331.
Mawhin, J. and Omana, W.;
A Priori Bounds and Existence of Positive Solutions for Some Sturm-Liouville Superlinear Boundary Value Problems
pp. 333--342.
Takayama, N.;
Propagation of Singularities of Solutions of the Euler-Darboux Equation and a Global Structure of the Space of Holonomic Solutions I
pp. 343--403.

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