Volume 35 (1992)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Yoshida, S.;
A General Solution of a Nonlinear 2-System without Poincare's Condition at an Irregular Singular Point (II)
pp. 405--427.
Tabara, T. J.;
A Locally Prescribed Stokes Phenomenon
pp. 429--450.
Shin, J. -S.;
Kneser Type Theorems for Functional Differential Equations in a Banach Space
pp. 451--466.
Tanuma, K.;
Asymptotic Behavior of the Shock Curve and the Entropy Solution to the Scalar Conservation Law with Periodic Initial Data
pp. 467--484.
Arino, O and Cherif, A. A.;
On the Existence of Periodic Solutions for a Class of Nonlinearly Forced Systems
pp. 485--503.
Sasai, T. and Tsuchiya, S.;
On a Class of Even Order Fuchsian Equations of Okubo Type
pp. 505--514.
Nagasawa, T.;
The Rate of Convergence for Chemical Interfacial Reaction Models
pp. 515--531.
Noussair, E. S., Swanson, C. A. and Yang, J.;
Transcritical Biharmonic Equations in $R^N$
pp. 533--543.
Erbe, L. H. and Kong, Q.;
Oscillation Results for Second Order Neutral Differential Equations
pp. 545--555.
Chen, Y.;
Existence of Nonoscillatory Solutions of $n$th Order Neutral Delay Differential Equations
pp. 557--570.
Miyazaki, Y.;
Remarks on Irregular Open Sets and Its Application to the Eigenvalue Distribution
pp. 571--580.
Qian, C. and Yan, J.;
Existence and Comparison Results of Positive Solutions of Difference Equations
pp. 581--595.
Nishioka, K.;
Painleve's Theorem on Automorphic Functions II
pp. 597--602.
Kabeya, Y.;
Existence Theorems for Quasilinear Elliptic Problems on $R^n$
pp. 603--616.

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