Volume 41 (1998)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Ha, J. and Nagagiri, S.;
Existence and Regularity of Weak Solutions for Semilinear Second Order Evolution Equations
pp. 1--24.
Wang, J.;
On Second Order Quasilinear Oscillations
pp. 25--54.
Kato, Y.;
A Remark on General Free Boundary Problems for the Heat Equation
pp. 55--65.
Aassila, M.;
On a Quasilinear Wave Equation with Strong Damping
pp. 67--78.
Zhang, B. G. and Yang, B.;
New Approach of Studying the Oscillation of Neutral Differential Equations
pp. 79--89.
Mimachi, K.;
The Little $q$-Jacobi Polynomial Associated with a $q$-Selberg Integral
pp. 91--100.
Szufla, S.;
On the Differential Equation $x^{(m)}=f(t,x)$ in Banach Spaces
pp. 101--105.
Nishikawa, M.;
Convergence Rate to the Traveling Wave for Viscous Conservation Laws
pp. 107--132.
Gerard, R. and Tahara, H.;
Formal Power Series Solutions of Nonlinear First Order Partial Differential Equations
pp. 133--166.

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