Volume 41 (1998)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Yamazawa, H.;
Newton Polyhedrons and a Formal Gevrey Space of Double Indices for Linear Partial Differential Operators
pp. 337--345.
Pan, J.;
Parameter Analysis of a Chemostat Equation with Delay
pp. 347--361.
Nakatani, M. and Noumi, M.;
$q$-Hypergeometric Systems Arising from Quantum Grassmanians
pp. 363--381.
Miyakawa, T.;
Application of Hardy Space Techniques to the Time-Decay Problem for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Flows in $R^n$
pp. 383--434.
Sakata, S.;
Asymptotic Stability for a Linear System of Differential-Difference Equations
pp. 435--449.
Ozawa, T.;
Finite Energy Solutions for the Schrodinger Equations with Quadratic Nonlinearity in One Space Dimension
pp. 451--468.
Manfrin, R.;
A Note on the Global Solvability in Gevrey and Sobolev Classes of Some Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equation
pp. 469--482.
Noumi, M. and Yamada, Y.;
Higher Order Painleve Equations of Type $A_l^{(1)}$
pp. 483--503.

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