Volume 42 (1999)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Shioji, N.;
Periodic Solutions for Nonlinear Evolution Equations in Banach Spaces
pp. 157--164.
Iwano, M.;
Analytical Simplification of a 2-System of Nonlinear Equations with a Degenerated Irregular Type Singularity
pp. 165--199.
Fruchard, A. and Schafke, R.;
Exceptional Complex Solutions of the Forced van der Pol Equation
pp. 201--223.
Shimomura, S.;
A Confluent Hypergeometric System Associated with $\Phi_3$ and a Confluent Jordan-Pochhammer Equation
pp. 225--240.
Teramoto, T.;
Existence and Nonexistence of Positive Entire Solutions of Second Order Semilinear Elliptic Systems
pp. 241--260.
Nakanishi, K.;
Local Wellposedness and Illposedness in the Critical Besov Spaces for Semilinear Wave Equations with Quadratic Forms
pp. 261--279.
Tsutsumi, M. and Yasuda, T.;
Penalty Method for Variational Inequalities and Its Error Estimates
pp. 281--289.
Shimizu, Y.;
$L^\infty$-Estimate of First-Order Space Derivatives of Stokes Flow in a Half Space
pp. 291--309.
Hayashi, N. and Naumkin, P. I.;
Large Time Behavior of Solutions for Derivative Cubic Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations without a Self-Conjugate Property
pp. 311--324.

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