Volume 42 (1999)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Zakharin, S. F. and Parasyuk, I. O.;
Generalized and Classical Almost Periodic Solutions of Lagrangian Systems
pp. 325--338.
Klokov, Y. and Sadyrbaev, F.;
Rapid Oscillations in Sublinear Problems
pp. 339--353.
Graef, J. R. and Thandapani, E.;
Oscillatory and Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Third Order Delay Difference Equations
pp. 355--369.
Rivera, J. E. M. and Oquendo, H. P.;
Exponential Decay for a Contact Problem with Local Damping
pp. 371--387.
Wong, P. J. Y. and Agarwal, R. P.;
Nonoscillatory Solutions of Functional Difference Equations Involving Quasi-Differences
pp. 389--412.
Nikkuni, Y.;
Stability of Stationary Solutions to Some Discrete Velocity Model of the Boltzmann Equation in the Half-Space
pp. 413--434.
Haraoka, Y.;
Quadratic Relations for Confluent Hypergeometric Functions on $Z_{2,n+1}$
pp. 435--490.
Larkin, N. A.;
The Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem for the Equation of Mixed Type
pp. 491--506.

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