Volume 49 (2006)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Mizuhara, R.;
The Initial Value Problem for Third and Fourth Order Dispersive Equations in One Space Dimension
pp. 1--38.
Taniuchi, Y.;
Remarks on Global Solvability of 2-D Boussinesq Equations with Non-Decaying Initial Data
pp. 39--57.
Fujiwara, D. and Kumano-go, N.;
An Improved Remainder Estimate of Stationary Phase Method for Some Oscillatory Integrals over a Space of Large Dimension
pp. 59--86.
Stanek, S.;
Periodic Solutions of Autonomous Functional-Differential Equations with State Dependent Deviations
pp. 87--105.
Kapitonov, B. V. and Menzala, G. P.;
Boundary Stabilization and a Problem of Transmission for a System of Propagation of Sound
pp. 107--132.
Sasano, Y.;
Coupled Painleve V Systems in Dimension 4
pp. 133--161.

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