Volume 49 (2006)


1 (April), 2 (August), 3 (December)

Liu, J., N'Guerekata, G., Minh, N. V. and Vu, Q. P.;
Bounded Solutions of Parabolic Equations in Continuous Function Spaces
pp. 337--355.
Hoshiga, A.;
The Existence of Global Solutions to Systems of Quasilinear Wave Equations with Quadratic Nonlinearities in 2-Dimensional Space
pp. 357--384.
Philos, Ch. G., Purnaras, I. K. and Sficas, Y. G.;
Asymptotic Decay of the Oscillatory Solutions to First Order Non-Autonomous Linear Unstable Type Delay Differential Equations
pp. 385--413.
Hayashi, N. and Naumkin, P. I.;
Asymptotics in Time of Solutions to Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations in Two Space Dimensions
pp. 415--425.
Chuan, L. H., Tsujikawa, T. and Yagi, A.;
Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions for Forest Kinematic Model
pp. 427--449.
Joshi, N., Kajiwara, K. and Mazzocco, M.;
Generating Function Associated with the Hankel Determinant Formula for the Solutions of the Painleve IV Equation
pp. 451--468.
Kabeya, Y. and Morishita, H.;
Multiplicity of Positive Radial Solutions to a Higher Dimensional Scalar-Field Equation Involving the Critical Sobolev Exponent under the Robin Condition
pp. 469--503.

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