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OpenXM (Open message eXchange for Mathematics): http://www.openxm.org

The News

What is OpenXM?

It is an infrastructure for mathematical communication. We propose standards for mathematical computation (OpenXM-RFC's). We will also support OpenMath which works for the standardization of mathematical data. The project is also making experiments to connect mathematical software systems each other on the infrastructure. We are providing packages of mathematical software systems supporting the OpenXM protocol. Please view screenshots of OpenXM packages. Here is a quick tour of the OpenXM package: functions 1, functions 2, Efficient computation.


The OpenXM HEAD contains the latest distribution of the OpenXM package, the documents and the latest specifications.

Papers and Tutorials

The WWW interface for OpenXM CVS Repositry [cvsweb]

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If you like, you may use the following to cite our project.
OpenXM, a project to integrate mathematical software systems, 1998--2005, 


openxm2005@math.Xkobe-u.Xac.Xjp (please replace ".X" by ".")
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