Workshop on Applications of Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Analysis

Main invited speaker: Bernd Sturmfels : Two lectures on Convex Algebraic Geometry.

会場(Place): 神戸大学理学部(理学研究科)B棟, B301 (Room B301, building B of the faculty of science (graduate school of science)).
キャンパス地図 (campus map in Japanese).
理学部(理学研究科)はキャンパス地図の 29 番になります (the number 29 is the faculty of science (graduate school of science)).
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連絡先(Contact): (Nobuki Takayama)
日曜, 祝日は殆んどのドアに鍵がかかっています。どこのドアから会場に入れるかの連絡のメールを送りますので 参加予定の方は上記アドレスにメールを下さい. (If you plan to attend this workshop, please send a mail to the address above, because almost all doors will be locked on Sunday and national holidays. We will send you a mail on which door will be open. If you need a certificate of the attendance of the workshop, please also send a mail to the address above. If you plan to go to a dinner together on Sunday, please send a mail by July 14.)


Abstracts, slides and references

July 20 (Sun)   [the first lecture and the last lecture might be exchanged.]

14:00 -- 15:00  Bernd Sturmfels (KAIST & UC Berkeley),
                  Convex Algebraic Geometry I.
15:10 -- 16:10  Yoshiaki Goto (Kobe Univ)    
                  Contingency Tables and Hypergeometric Functions
16:20 -- 17:20  Constantin Siriteanu (Osaka Univ.)
                  Applications of the Holonomic Gradient Method to the Performance Evaluation of Wireless Communications Systems
17:30 -- 18:30  Akimichi Takemura (Univ. of Tokyo)
                  Some Recent Topics on the Use of Holonomic Gradient Method to Statitics.
July 21 (Mon)

 9:00 -- 10:00  Bernd Sturmfels (KAIST & UC Berkeley),
                  Convex Algebraic Geometry II.
10:15 -- 11:15  Kentaro Tanaka (Seikei Univ.)
                  Rules of Conditional Independence and Linear Algebra
11:15 -- 12:15  Robert Krone (Georgea Institute of Technology)
                  Finite Generation of Symmetric Toric Ideals
13:30 -- 14:30  Akihiro Higashitani (Kyoto Univ.)
                  Normality and Very Ampleness of Integral Convex Polytopes
14:45 -- 15:45  Liam Solus (Univ. of Kentuchy)
                  r-Stable Hypersimplices
16:00 -- 17:00  Takayuki Hibi (Osaka Univ.)
                  A Quick Survey on Monomial Ideals


Computer algebra seminar on July 22

Computer Algebra Seminar, July 22